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Online advertising is more accessible than ever to launch for your brand. But even with prominent self-serve platforms like Facebook and Google, having the right content will make or break your campaign. This includes your headline, copy (informative text), images or video, and call to action.  Equally important, is your landing page. This is the destination on your website from your ads. It’s design, offer, text, and lead capture form must be carefully worded and placed to ensure a good conversion rate. Follow these tips to ensure your next campaign is a success.

    1. Copy is king! Be sure your ad has a relevant and eye-catching headline and strong call-to-action. Limit your word count. Include enough information (text) to excite your the audience’s interest.
    2. Take a look at your competitors. Avoid their mistakes and determine how you can stand out.
    3. Place yourself in the mind of your ideal customer. What speaks to their needs? What problem can you solve for them? What are the emotional benefits they’ll experience from your product or service?
    4. Consider the audience when choosing the best format for your ads – text, display, video?
    5. Be sure to A/B test your campaign. Most advertising platforms will allow you to run simultaneous versions of your ad to determine which one will perform  the best and provide  the best bang for  your buck.
    6. Make sure that your landing page has the most important information your audience is seeking, a clear offer, simple lead capture form or call to action. This may include free consultations, demos, free white papers, limited trials, or subscriptions.

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