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Ranking highly in organic search still remains a corner stone of digital marketing in 2019. Consistent and good results requires resources and time. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when done well, can produce an incredible ROI over the long term. But it rarely produces short-term results. A good rule of thumb is to give SEO a minimum of a 6-month term before you begin seeing any measurable results.

Our SEO services make it possible for businesses to compete by moving their websites higher in online search rankings. Why is it important to rank well on sites like Google and Bing? Because over 81% of consumers search online before making a buying decision. If those potential customers can’t find you, then you could be out of the race before it even begins.  TMA offers custom subscriptions designed to help small businesses grow in almost any industry or market, at a price that fits their budget.

Follow these essential tips for your SEO in 2019:

  • Consider other search engines and platforms in addition to Google
  • Know your target audience
  • Be true to your brand, and create meaningful content in your voice
  • Keep an eye on voice search (Hey Alexa! Find the best local [insert your company here]
  • Learn more about Google’s AI Model: Word Vector – an algorithm that helps Google learn about the relationships between words