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Many companies find themselves in a crisis situation without any preemptive plan in place. The more you think of what to do in an emergency, the better you will be able to respond. These are the five essential tips to develop a plan in the event of a crisis.

  1. Identify your team and determine who will be the company spokes person.
  2. Conduct media training and develop key messages.
  3. Anticipate the unexpected. Hold brainstorming sessions with your team to cover all possible scenarios.
  4. Be open to immediate communication. The first few hours and days of a crisis are critical, so be sure to develop a holding statement while you plan your final key messages.
  5. Reflect, do the right thing and ride out the storm.

Don’t hesitate to call on a PR professional to advise you if you find that you or your company are in a sticky PR situation and need guidance.