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There is plenty to consider before embarking on a rebranding process for your organization. Follow these simple steps to avoid the pitfalls of poor planning.

  • Before you begin, conduct a thorough analysis of the visual, organizational and financial impacts of the brand implementation.
  • Consider the potential costs so that there are no troubling surprises.
  • Plan, prioritize and set realistic targets.
  • Utilize an online project management system to gather and share information.
  • Provide a design briefing for key executives. This includes artistic, technical and legal requirements for the brand.
  • Plan for internal communications: Ensure that the organization’s departments and personnel understand the goals of the branding process. Ensure that your internal communications plan is in place so that everyone is on board as a unified force.
  • Plan for external communications.
  • Brand development is an excellent opportunity to tell a company’s story.
  • Make sure you develop a detailed strategy to get your message to the public.

As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If your rebranding initiative needs an expert’s touch, give us a call!